Nemesis "wind car" under construction – Click above to watch video after the jump

Remember that "wind car" we were telling you about a while back? You know, the one that started out as a Lotus Exige before being stretched and having its gasoline-drinking powertrain replaced by twin electric motors and that answers to the name of Nemesis. Well, it's almost finished.

Yes, it's a bit behind schedule. Many months actually. Something to do with the difficulties of designing a battery management system (BMS) to keep it from bursting into a ball of flames while being properly put through its sports car paces – what's somewhat euphemistically referred to as a thermal runaway situation.

It's not that the matte black beauty has been sitting tucked away in a garage somewhere collecting dust instead of miles. Indeed, Dale Vince, purveyor of wind-generated electricity and the man behind the project, has had the pleasure of putting it to some light use while waiting (and waiting) for the BMS to be completed.

Finally, Vince made the executive decision to pass along the more sophisticated electronics and software work to a team with experience in the area. The result, after a few more months, is a project that's just a paint job and final touches away from completion. For real this time. Hit the jump to be entertained and informed by what might possibly be the second last video in the Nemesis series.

[Source: Zerocarbonista]

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