The muscle car war is raging, with the Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang jockeying for the title of top pony car. The Dodge Challenger is no slouch either, with a pair of new engines rumored for the 2011 model year. Our friends over at are celebrating the recent success of America's reborn pony cars with an extremely neat interactive map that illustrates the towns most interested in a particular vehicle. The color-coded map differentiates the models, and you can click on any circle to see the percentage above average. The bigger the circle, the larger the search disparity.

For example, in Hutchinson, Minnesota, Ford Mustang searches on are 1,894 percent higher than the national average. In Fitzgerald, Georgia, Chevy Camaro searches are 753 percent above average and in Ponca City, Oklahoma, Dodge Challenger searches are 1,840 percent above the national average.

There's one catch to the map, however: the percentages are highest in small towns, so if you live in a big city, a substantial spike in pony car searches is unlikely. For the record, says that the Mustang has the highest search total of the three vehicles. Hit the jump to see if your city is obsessed with one muscle car in particular.


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