BMW Megacity Vehicle – Click above for high-res image gallery

Just as automakers tease with design sketches that reveal very little, we too can tease by offering up just a smidge of info before our big release. So here goes: the BMW Megacity electric vehicle (EV) will be the first mass-produced EV offered by the Bavarian company known for its truly amazing cars. The Megacity will be powered by a motor with over 100 kilowatts, but its top speed will be limited to 93 miles-per-hour since the vehicle is designed mainly for urban use and the car's designers want to maximize battery life.

The sketch drawn up above comes straight from BMW and hints towards the design direction of the Megacity. Its diminutive size and steeply raked windshield is unlike anything we've ever witnessed bearing the BMW roundel. The Megacity's sleek lines, sharp looks and battery-powered motivation intrigued us to delve deeper and learn everything we could about BMW's little EV. As luck would have it, we're almost ready to dish it all out to you. So get ready, because our Megacity reveal is coming soon.

[Source: BMW]

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