Dodge hipper than ever says Ralph Gillies

Ralph Gilles reports that the halls of Dodge are abuzz with enthusiasm since Fiat rescued Chrysler. In an interview with The Detroit News, Gilles conveys his enthusiasm for the Dodge brand and the new direction it's headed. Among the most significant changes? 100,000-plus fans on Facebook for Dodge. To many, that figure may be nowhere near as important as the divorcing of Ram into its own sub-brand, but Gilles notes there was virtually no social media presence for Dodge just months ago. Brash moves like the Challenger commercials during the World Cup are also harbingers of what we're likely to see from Dodge, Gilles says.

Nuts-and-bolts developments like the horsepower rating of the Pentastar V6 in the new Challenger, the continuation of the Durango name and the possibility of a new Viper find Gilles being more coy. It's an encouraging chat for anyone concerned with the future of Dodge. Gilles seems genuinely enthusiastic about the different directions Dodge is going to get its brand engaging with fans and customers. There's an apparel line that's done surprisngly well, a new NASCAR Challenger, more grassroots focus and it all means that you should expect to see Dodge popping up in unexpected places. The most important, and perhaps still unexpected place you'll see Dodge showing up soon is the auto show stand. Dodge and parent Chrysler are set to introduce a slew of new models in the coming months. If they're as good as they need to be, we'll be giddy like Gilles, too.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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