Paris plans to launch world's largest electric car sharing program

Car sharing programs have steadily increased in popularity within the past few years and will likely see continued growth as we move forward. Paris hopes to cash in on some of the action by offering up the world's largest electric car share fleet. Paris' grand plan is an optimistic one, but it should prove to be well within reach.

The plan proposed by the city of Paris is called Autolib' (over which there was some disagreement). Think of it as something like 1,000-plus Hertz rental lots filled with lots of electric vehicles (EVs) and you'll get the gist of the plan. Paris hopes to offer 3,000 electric vehicles at over 1,000 park-n-go lots scattered throughout the city. The EVs can be rented for an estimated $6 per half hour, provided that you've signed up for the service at an additional monthly cost of $18. Vehicles can be rented without reservation and dropped off at any of the car sharing sites within the city. Right now, the city is actively seeking outside bids for a contract to operate the car sharing program. If a deal is struck and 3,000 EVs swing into action, Paris will easily become the electric car sharing mecca of the world. Until EV car sharing's popularity makes another city fight for that title, anyway.

[Source: New York Times | Image: Al Lanni - C.C. License 2.0]

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