Corvette Stingray concept loses its top

Stingray Speedster Concept – Click above for gallery

Now, isn't this curious? The eagle-eyed crew over at Corvette Blogger have managed to get their hands on a few shots of what appears to be a speedster version of the ever gorgeous Stingray Concept. You may remember the car from its starring roles in both the Transformers saga and the 2009 Chicago Auto Show. At the time, the car appeared to be a hard-top only, but as these photos demonstrate, it looks mighty fine without a roof, too. So what gives? Is this some sort of re-imagining of the old concept? Is it a movie prop?

We're going to stick pretty close to the Corvette Blogger hypothesis and say it's a little bit of both. The car was spotted sulking around Beverly Hills, so either we're looking at Sideswipe's latest set of clothes, or someone has finally managed to come up with a decent re-body kit to help the C5 look a little less dated. Either way, we like what we see.

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[Source: Corvette Blogger]

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