Video: Hyundai goofs on Top Gear for new ix35/Tucson ads

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At its best, Top Gear represents nearly everything we've ever wanted in a show about cars. It's well-written, funny, beautifully shot and simply enjoyable to watch, even if ultimately it's more about entertainment than full-fledged reviews. The advertising types at Hyundai have picked up on the cheeky part of Top Gear in an overseas commercial for the ix35 crossover (Tuscon here in the States). The ads, which apparently air in South Africa, very overtly spoof the BBC program, but with three animals making up the "Top Deer" team. Clarkson, Hammond and May are replaced with a wildebeest, hamster and a turtle. The Stig is replaced with a deer called "The Stag."

We usually loathe commercials that replace humans with adorable forest creatures, but this is a different animal altogether. The first spot features a one-on-one track battle between the ix35 and the Stag, and the second ad stars the Clarkson-esque wildebeest behind the wheel of the ix35. Very funny stuff. Hit the jump to view a couple of well-executed videos.

[Source: Hyundai via YouTube]

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