BMW Art Car and all-female Ford GT out of Le Mans

BMW Art Car and all-female Ford GT out of Le Mans – Click above for image gallery

Artist Jeff Koons' special paint scheme is now the only thing that makes the #79 BMW M3 GT2 Art Car look like it's moving. Just after starting the sixth hour of the 24 hours of Le Mans, the BMW was crawling around the track for the third time. Andy Priaulx pulled off the course onto the grass and began swerving back and forth as though he was out of fuel. Unfortunately, it was to no avail as the M3 rolled to a stop for good. The marshals pushed the car behind the guardrail and Priaulx set off on foot for the pits.

Meanwhile in GT1, the all-female team of Natacha Gachnang, Cyndie Allemann and Rahel Frey have finished their race in the #61 Ford GT as well. At about the same time the BMW Art Car gave up the ghost, Gachnang pulled over right in front of the marshal's stand at the Mulsanne corner with thick smoke pouring out of the Ford. Gachnang, who has been limping on crutches all week, was able to crawl out of the car just as the marshals arrived with fire extinguishers. At this point, we haven't heard the cause of the fire.

[Source: Speed]

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