Report: NUMMI workers to get $19 million in aid

When Toyota shuttered its NUMMI plant for good at the end of March, over 4,700 workers lost their jobs. The Japanese automaker softened the blow of those lost jobs by forking over $281 million in aid, or about $60,000 for every worker at the plant. Daily Markets now reports that the federal government is stepping in to add a a bit more scratch to help the NUMMI workforce find new work. The $19 million emergency fund cash infusion will be used for training and other support.

Some former NUMMI workers are hoping to again work at the Fremont, California facility if Tesla commits to making the Model S or some other electric vehicle there in the next couple years. Details have been sketchy regarding Toyota's new relationship with Tesla, and whether the plant will be used to produce the vehicle.

[Source: Daily Markets | Image: Justin Sullivan/Getty]

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