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The Snaefell Mountain Course is again abuzz with the sound of electric motorcycles as six riders have been running practice laps in preparation of the main TT Zero event now set for Thursday. Last years TTXGP-winning Team Agni are back with a new machine but, aside from askance glances at the dustbin-style fairing they're using, the spotlight has been stolen by the team whose entry last year seemed revolutionary but never crossed the finish line. MotoCzysz it returned to the Isle of Man with a re-engineered E1PC that is so slick, strong and fast it seems to point to the future of performance electric motorcycles.

It now has a single 75 kW (100 horsepower) liquid-cooled DC IPM (internal permanent magnet) motor capable of 250 pound feet of torque that is 93 per cent efficient under continuous heavy load. Like last year, the batteries are swappable but they've been re-shaped and re-designed so that they can be switched in seconds without any extra plugging in of wires. In fact, there are only two wires on the whole bike and both of them are less than a foot long.

While the proof of the super-bike pudding is in the racing, practice times indicate that Michael Czysz will likely enjoy a delicious creamy dessert in the near future. Perhaps with a cherry on top. (What? You don't put cherries on your pudding? Heathens!) With Mark Miller again gripping the handle bars, the E1PC made its way around the course faster than any of its peers previously has. The Sulby Speed Trap it hit 131.1 miles per hour and finished the lap in 23 minutes, 54.84 seconds. That's about two minutes faster than last year's race winner. There is some speculation they may even claim the £10,000 prize on offer for the first electric to average over 100 mph over the 37.73 mile circuit. While we can't say whether or not that will happen, we can speculate that MotoCzysz might be getting some interest in their $42,500 machine in the near future. Hit the jump for a look at it and the other competitors as they pass through the Ramsey Hairpin during practice.

[Source: TT Zero / Asphalt & Rubber ]

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