We'll admit, the Segway may not be the one of the most well-thought-out products of all time, but it serves its purpose for those that like to draw attention at California beaches or those who just need to scoot around in New York City without moving their legs. So it comes as quite a surprise that TIME magazine lists the Segway amongst the "50 Worst Inventions" of all time.
The list includes some things that we would definitely consider to be the worst creations, products or ideas ever. For example, leaded gasoline. Whose amazing idea was it to stuff that toxic material into gas. Likewise, the Pontiac Aztek makes the list and we all know how hideous that thing was. Or how about the Mizar flying car, which was part Ford Pinto, part Cessna, and as a whole, a disaster.

As we glanced over the list, we found a few things that were an everyday part of our lives years ago – Betamax, hydrogenated oils and asbestos, for example – but understand why they are considered awful now. Look over the full list of the 50 worst inventions after the jump, but be warned that it may take you down the part of memory lane better left forgotten.

[Source: TIME Magazine]

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