Segway i2 is now green for real

Segway transporters hold a special place on our site as technologically advanced electric two-wheelers available all over the world. While the Segway's usefulness as a transportation device is often scrutinized, the zero-emissions status of the self-balancing little machine is not up for debate. Now, the Segway i2 even comes painted in the right color: green. Specifically, the chosen hue is known as "Metallic Sage." Apparently, just calling it green doesn't do the new shade justice, as Segway remarks that the color "has a goldish finish with hues of green and a metallic underbody that grabs changing light." But wait, there's more, the "Segway wordmark is presented in an off-white green with a subtle outline above the gray i2 logomark."
To be frank, our meager blogging budgets don't allow us to afford a Segway i2 anyway, but if we were to purchase one, this is the color that we'd choose.

[Source: Segway via Engadget]

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