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Honda has stated time and again that electric vehicles (EVs) are decades away from becoming successful. Speaking to reporters in southern China, Honda chief executive officer Takanobu Ito reinforced the company's view by suggesting that EVs cannot succeed unless there is "a major breakthrough in battery technology." He followed that statement with, "If there is a suitable chance, we hope to work with China to (develop) batteries." Though the statements appear to conflict, there's something about Ito's words that got us thinking.

If we simply connect a few dots here, it seem like Ito is suggesting that Honda may consider producing an EV in the near future, pending that major battery breakthrough. We can also assume that Honda's interest in securing a source for EV batteries implies that the company may be slowly changing its stance on electric cars. Honda has always been known as an innovator and rarely gets stuck in the catch-up role. If the company decides to develop EV batteries, it would move a step closer to many of its main competitors. Now Ito didn't say much, but sometimes it takes but a few words to get the ball rolling, so hopefully Honda joins the EV revolution soon.

  • As you can see, the Honda EV-N can expertly carry three Easter eggs in its cargo area.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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