Delphi to discuss next-generation direct injection at SIA Congress

At the SIA (French Automotive Engineers Society) Congress in Rouen, France this week, Delphi will be presenting information on its latest-generation direct fuel injection and control systems for diesel engines. Delphi produces both electromagnetic servo injectors and the more advanced piezo-electric injectors. For the latest editions of both systems, Delphi has bumped the maximum operating pressures from the 2,000 BAR level that has been used in the last few years up to 2,400 BAR (34,800 psi). These higher pressure injectors allow for even greater delivery precision and better atomization of the fuel.

The recently introduced Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion with its 1.2-liter inline-three cylinder TDI diesel is the first to use the new higher-pressure servo injectors. The Polo is rated at 71 miles per gallon (U.S.) on the EU combined cycle with 87 grams / kilometer of CO2 emissions.

Delphi will also present a paper on its new engine management system that incorporates real-time in-cylinder pressure measurement. Measuring pressure in the cylinder will be necessary for homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI) systems, which are expected to come to market in about 2014-15. Read more about HCCI here.

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Delphi Reveals Latest Technical Advances For Clean Diesels at SIA Congress
Range of advanced technologies unveiled in Delphi's technical paper will simplify compliance with Euro 6 and other demanding standards worldwide
Release Date: May 21, 2010

PARIS - As manufacturers turn to heavily-boosted, downsized-diesel engines to provide high power density with low CO2 emissions, the higher combustion temperatures and pressures involved make the reduction of NOx emissions more challenging. At the upcoming SIA International Congress in Rouen, Delphi Corp. will present new developments in fuel injection equipment and engine control systems that help to substantially reduce overall diesel engine emissions including CO2. The latest technologies will simplify compliance with increasingly demanding emissions standards in Europe, such as Euro 6, and in other markets worldwide where high-efficiency diesel engines are increasingly recognized as an effective solution for CO2 reduction.

The paper, to be presented on Wednesday May 26 as part of the 'Innovative Injection Systems' session, will discuss enhancements to Delphi's balanced-valve servo-solenoid system and advanced direct-acting piezo system. The upgrades include an increase in maximum operating pressure from 2000 bar up to 2400 bar with improved high-pressure atomization, enhancements to Delphi's closed-loop control system, improved hydraulic efficiency, and reduced engine starting time to provide seamless stop-start.

At the SIA Congress in Rouen, Delphi's general manager diesel engine management systems, John Fuerst, will suggest that the key to affordable low emissions remains the fuel injection equipment and the engine management system
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The latest evolution of Delphi's solenoid injector and next generation Delphi pump help the new Volkswagen Polo reach a world leading CO2 emissions rating of just 87g/km.
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John Fuerst, Delphi's general manager diesel engine management systems, will also participate as a panelist during the SIA proceedings.

"To meet Euro 6 and other highly demanding standards worldwide, future light-duty diesel engines must produce much lower levels of NOx particulates, CO and hydrocarbon emissions," Fuerst said. "It is important to address these standards at competitive cost levels while continuing to reduce CO2 output and without affecting current levels of performance and refinement. Delphi believes that a key to affordable low emissions remains the fuel injection equipment and the engine management system because by optimizing these technologies, the cost, weight and complexity can be significantly reduced."

Performance upgrades for common rail systems

As one of the largest suppliers of advanced diesel technologies for all sizes of vehicle, Delphi has achieved several 'industry firsts' including twin valve Electronic Unit Injectors for heavy duty applications and, more recently, direct acting piezo injectors for light-duty applications. At the Rouen congress, Delphi experts will detail how a combination of performance upgrades to proven hardware, combined with an innovative combustion control system, will allow significant improvements in emissions and fuel economy together with greatly reduced combustion noise.

Delphi offers two families of common rail diesel injection system. The Multec™ system with balanced-valve fast servo-solenoid injectors offers equivalent performance to servo-piezo systems but at a much reduced cost. This latest system is featured on the new 1.2 liter Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, which delivers 3.3l/100km (71mpg) with CO2 emissions of just 87g/km. The common rail system on the new Polo, the 2010 World Car of the Year, includes the latest evolution of Delphi's servo-solenoid common rail system with the company's next generation DFP6 fuel pump. Delphi worked closely with Volkswagen to generate this world-leading performance.

For larger and very high-performance engines, Delphi's direct-acting piezo injector delivers unprecedented control of the rate and shape of injection events, independent of rail pressure. This allows substantially reduced smoke emissions and therefore the use of increased EGR for affordable NOx reduction, while the elimination of fuel backflow allows significant system simplification.

Landmark development in engine control

A significant development that will allow further reductions in CO2 and other tailpipe emissions is a new technique for direct combustion parameter control, based on real-time in-cylinder pressure measurement. This innovative approach to complete engine control will help enable the introduction of advanced low-emissions combustion strategies such as homogeneous charge compression ignition (HCCI), low temperature combustion (LTC) and pre-mixed charge compression ignition (PCCI). The performance of this new approach will also be addressed in Delphi's technical paper.

"Our combination of hardware development and innovative new control strategies will help diesel engines maintain their position as outstanding solutions for low CO2 vehicles," said Fuerst. "Delphi technologies are well-suited to address Euro 6 and other forthcoming standards, as vehicle producers seek to deliver exceptionally clean vehicles in every class."

About Delphi

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Delphi paper at the SIA Diesel Congress in Rouen – France on 26th – 27th May 2010:
"Light Duty Common Rail Injection Technology for High Efficiency Clean Diesel Engines"
Authors: Noureddine Guerrassi, Philippe Bercher, Derk Geurts, Guillaume Meissonnier & Nebojsa Milovanovic

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