Adam Carolla explains why he's not doing Top Gear USA

Ah yes, Top Gear USA. We had nearly given up hope for the American version of the hit British television series until friend-of-Autoblog Adam Carolla let slip details of the series' subsequent resuscitation on The History Channel during a taping of one of his CarCast episodes. At the time, it was thought that Carolla would be the only one of the original three cast members from the pilot to make the reborn series. As it turns out, that was not the case. What gives?

Apparently, Carolla has a pilot sitcom that he's currently taping for NBC, and the Peacock wouldn't let the funny man away long enough to join History's Top Gear USA. Sad for all, as reports from those who attended the taping of the NBC pilot almost universally praised Carolla's performance on the show.

Perhaps the most disappointed of all is Carolla himself, who openly dishes on the May 17 edition of his CarCast that he hopes his NBC sitcom is canceled so he can rejoin Top Gear. Click here to listen to the entire episode, but know that there's some foul language.

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