Kevin Cotter recently found himself among the other 50 percent of Americans who wind up getting divorced from their first spouse. Rather than wallow in the broken remains of 12 years of marriage, the guy decided to have a little fun. See, his ex-wife refused to take her wedding dress when she left the house. Rather than throw the dress on Craigslist and call it a day, Cotter decided to write a book about the 101 uses a newly-single guy could come up with for a fancy piece of silk and lace.

Only no one was exactly champing at the bit to publish his idea. Instead, he did what any self-respecting freshly-rejected writer would do. He took to the internets! Cotter now runs My Ex Wifes Wedding Dress – a blog all about the wide array of uses he's come up with so far. While we're personally fans of the scarecrow, Cotter has also used the gown for a drip cloth when he changes the oil in his Honda Element and a gas cap. Hilarity ensues. Thanks for the tip, Jubby!

[Source: My Ex Wifes Wedding Dress]

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