Motorcycle Hearse – Click above to watch video after the jump

Given the level of dedication we've seen from the dead when it comes to their motorcycles, it comes as no surprise that somebody has given one the Munsters treatment and created the world's first motorcycle hearse. Built in Auckland, New Zealand by an automotive engineer, the bike can carry up to 440 lbs in an underbelly cradle. Push a button and the rig slides out to let the pallbearers do their thing. A complex system of hydraulics helps stabilize everything, and two riders are needed to get the deceased from place to place.

Power comes courtesy of a 1,350 cc Harley-Davidson engine, and the motorcycle hearse's inventor, Mike Price, says that he originally wanted to partner with them on the project. Harley wanted Price to sign a lengthy contract before they'd even look at his design, however, so he politely told them where they could stick that dotted line and built the bike himself after work. Are there classier ways to get to your final resting place? Sure, but few are any cooler. Hit the jump for a check out a few videos.

[Source: Papakura Courier, YouTube]

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