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Hot on the trails of BMW's victorious return to the 24 Hours of Nürburgring this year, rumors have surfaced that an even hotter version of the M3 GTS is on the way. The orange wündermobile was unveiled barely six months ago, complete with 450-horsepower V8, upgraded brakes, rolling stock, suspension and aero package and a stripped interior. But if that's not enough to tickle your fancy, a few supposedly informed fanboys say that Munich is preparing to celebrate – and bid farewell to – the E92 M3 with an even fiercer derivative.

Tentatively dubbed the M3 GTS-R, the ultimate 3 Series is expected to benefit from yet another power upgrade, plus more carbon fiber body panels – all decked in matte black – to further reduce weight and pack even wider wheel arches packing Y-shaped five-spoke rims and blending into fat side sills. There's even word of a streetable implementation of the company's F1-derived KERS regenerative braking system for push-to-pass boost. Sounds tasty; stay tuned for more. Thanks for the tip, Barry!

[Source: M3Post]

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