1200hp "Super Veyron" winds the rumor mill again

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A car as powerful as the Bugatti Veyron can do a great many things. Crest the 400 km/h mark. Burn through fuel and rubber faster than a jumbo jet on take-off with the parking brake engaged. But how about stop time? Maybe if you lay down all that twist in the opposite direction off the earth's rotation. Or bring back a rumor that first reared its head some four years ago.

We're talking about the long-rumored 1,200-horsepower "super Veyron." Its arrival has been anticipated for years, and now accounts from Germany are bringing it back to life. According to the reports, Professor Ferdinand Piëch – the former Volkswagen chairman, Porsche heir and father of the Veyron – recently delivered a lecture at the Vienna University of Technology, wherein he briefly alluded to the emergence of the 1,200-hp Veyron, but revealed no further details.

That the quad-turbocharged, sixteen-cylinder Bugatti engine is capable of more than its stated output of 987 horsepower is no secret. And if such a car is in the works, surely Piëch would be among the few in the world who'd know about it, even if he's not sitting in the big seat these days. With the existing Veyron's production run winding to a close, if there were ever a time to make it happen, surely that time is approaching at Veyron-esque velocity.

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[Source: motorline.cc via Teamspeed.com]

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