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Minivan commercials typically showcase to potential customers as many creature comforts as possible in the span of 30 seconds. That makes perfect sense, right? Chrysler uses just such a time-tested formula for its latest Dodge Grand Caravan commercial, but there is a bit of a catch. See, while the ad shows off the Grand Caravan's FLO TV, voice activated navigation and available WI-FI hotspot tech, it also appears to have been written by the Mad Hatter.

The ad is called Turncoat, and the tagline is, "It has everything, so you can do anything." So far, so good. But wait. A bunch of guys are driving through the desert in three black Caravans on the way to the emergency room. Apparently, the world is looking for surrogates. Weird. We can't even begin to understand what the hell is going on here, so we're going to let you hit the jump and view it for yourself. And if you get it, feel free to explain it to us in the post-jump comments.

Added bonus: Check out the second, equally puzzling Grand Caravan commercial after the jump. The spot appears to be a cross between West Side Story and CATS, the musical. Seriously.

[Source: Chrysler]

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