As automakers throw everything in their arsenal out there in an attempt to meet ever more stringent emissions guidelines, the transmission is becoming the area where great improvements can be made. Many automakers are working on complex new transmission designs that will increase efficiency and Renault is no exception. The company has announced it will extend the use of its six-speed efficient dual clutch (EDC) automatic transmission across the entire Megane line-up.

Renault touts the EDC for its ability to improve fuel economy, which leads to reduced emissions. The company claims that the high-tech trans alone can reduce fuel consumption by 17 percent over a standard automatic transmission. When driving, the EDC setup is quite similar to a conventional automatic. There's no clutch pedal and the transmission carries out shifts automatically or via a flick of the up/down lever on the gearshift. This transmission could later see use in additional Renault models and we'd love to see it make the journey over to Nissan as well.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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