Just over a week ago, Fiat unveiled the Uno Supermini in Brazil. The company followed that unveiling with the debut of a concept study car called the Uno Ecology. Though we don't expect either vehicle to come here, some of the earth-friendly technology found on the Ecology model could quickly spread throughout the Fiat lineup, including U.S.-bound models.

The Uno Ecology is a showcase of green technology. It features a 1.0-liter flex-fuel-capable engine that incorporates start/stop technology. The vehicle also uses renewable materials throughout, including some unexpected products. On the inside, for example, coconut fibers and recycled PET containers make up portions of the dash, seats and floor. On the outside, the Ecology features a photo-voltaic roof that sends power to various features found within the car. The vehicle was built and conceived in Brazil using many locally available materials.

Production-feasible or not, we are still intrigued by the use of renewable materials and Fiat's ability to source local materials to build the vehicle, something that is not common enough in the industry. Just imagine the possibilities; a Colombian-built Fiat could excite you every time you open the door with an aroma of fresh coffee beans, while the Midwest version could offer that farm-fresh smell we're all familiar with.

[Source: Autocar]

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