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We're all guilty of letting personal belongings pile up in our cars from time to time. And unless you're a bona fide hoarder, most people excuse this clutter as a means to be well-prepared for any situation that may arise out on the road. Mini understands, and in fact, is now encouraging owners to take time to stop and smell the roses (or take a nap) while traveling. The automaker's Getaway package for the 2011 Countryman micro-crossover includes a host of kit designed to inspire rest area sleepovers impromptu picnics or scenic relaxation.

Selling for €306 (the apparent retail value of roadside spontaneity), Mini's Getaway package includes two folding seats that can be converted into a table (extra chairs can be purchased if you find that larger gatherings are in your future). In addition to that, you'll get what Mini calls a "five-in-one cover," which can be used as a poncho, sleeping bag, picnic blanket or bed cover. Talk about one-size-fits-all. From there, Mini throws in a set of boots, a parka and a (limited-edition!) Mini t-shirt. You know, just in case.

That's right, folks – fully-licensed merchandised living in (or out of) your car has never been easier. For all the details, hit the jump to read Mini's press release.

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The MINI Getaway Package: for spontaneous stop-offs along the way. Cleverly packed travel set accompanies the launch of the new MINI Countryman.

We've all had one of those days when you're out in the car, the sun shining, and your thoughts turn to finding a nice rural spot for an impromptu breather. If only you'd packed the right equipment for the job in hand. Luckily, MINI is pitching in to help out. The cult British brand has come up with a handy set of items for off-the-cuff mid-journey breaks – just in time for the market launch of the MINI Countryman. The clever MINI Countryman Getaway Package can be stowed away in the new crossover model's dual-layer load compartment floor, which is separated from the regular storage space by a lid. This allows the travel set to be in place and ready for use at all times without making in-roads into interior space.

The set includes the MINI Countryman Seats, two comfortable folding wooden chairs in characteristic MINI design. Their durable canvas surface comes in an easy Racing Check or stylised Union Jack look, both in dark grey against a black background. Roomy outside pockets can be attached to the sides of the Countryman Seats using press studs, while a carry bag makes the chairs easy to transport. The MINI Countryman Seats can also be converted into tables with the help of a wooden board. Now nothing can get in the way of a picnic in the great outdoors. And, as it happens, the convertible seats also do an excellent job inside. The MINI Countryman Seats are available as a set consisting of two chairs and a table top. Extra seats can be purchased individually should your random excursions grow in popularity.

An essential feature of the Getaway Package is the MINI Five-In-One Cover. This multifunctional cover in Chequered Flag design is a poncho, sleeping bag, awning, picnic blanket and bed cover in one, and makes the ideal accessory for those more extended stops during a journey. The loops and ties on the four corners help to make the most of the cover's various functions, and the bag for the cover doubles up as a handy cushion.

The new MINI Countryman Boots, meanwhile, ensure that your feet stay dry on cross-country hikes. With their Union Jack/Rockstyle Print/Countryman design, the black unisex Wellington boots cut a seriously cool figure. The British flag also makes an appearance in the inside pattern of the boots.

The MINI Parka, a contemporary interpretation of the classic M51 Fishtail, also protects against the vagaries of the weather. The olive-green unisex hooded jacket embodies a stylish Mod look, complemented by a selection of neat patches which can be attached on the left sleeve using a Velcro-type fastener.

The Getaway Package also contains a change of shirt, should fresh togs be required. The limited-edition MINI Countryman Tee suits MINI down to the ground and adds a touch of fashionable chic with its funky gift packaging for him or her, catchy shade of lilac and print of the new MINI model.

Spur-of-the-moment picnic or brief saunter into the countryside, the MINI Countryman Getaway Package ensures you are ready for anything. The set will be available from the launch of the new MINI model in September 2010. Customers will be able to order the Getaway Package – as well as the other MINI Collection items – from the MINI Online Shop at www.MINI.de/shop and at selected MINI dealers.

MINI Countryman Getaway Package

MINI Countryman Seat Set - €89.00
(two seats + table top)
MINI Countryman Single Seat - €35.00
MINI Countryman Boots - €39.00
MINI Countryman Tee - €29.00
MINI Five-In-One Cover - €65.00
MINI Parka - €139.00

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