Say it ain't so! How could Harley-Davidson's main manufacturing base be anywhere but Milwaukee, Wisconsin? It would be like a Toledo without Jeep (or Tony Packo's), Detroit without General Motors. A Gotham without Batman. In other words, inconceivable!
But here we are anyway, with The Motor Company reporting that it is considering its options at both its powertrain operations in Milwaukee and at its Tomahawk, Wisconsin plant. Why? Simple: money. According to H-D, it could save millions of dollars per year by changing locations due to reduced costs associated with labor contracts and scheduling flexibilities. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, though, has pledged to do whatever necessary to keep Harley right where it's at.

Of course, it seems more likely that Harley-Davidson is using these rumors as a tactic to get the upper-hand on the upcoming union negotiations. Still, with the brand's very survival on the line, anything seems possible – up to and including the (very remote, we'd guess) threat that H-D motorcycles could be manufactured overseas. Stay tuned.

[Source: The Associated Press via The Kneeslider]

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