Tesla Roadster on the Price is Right – Click above to watch video after the jump

Last week, for Earth Day, the Price Is Right game show offered up its most expensive prize ever: a Tesla Roadster. Yeah, we had prizelust, too. But then the weekend came and we kind of forgot to see if anyone actually walked away with the car. Now we know, but we've put the video after the jump so you can watch it yourself before we spoil the surprise (also after the jump).

[Source: Price Is Right]

Yes, it was a close one – just $200 off – but we don't know if we could've done any better to be honest. At the very least, this is a good sign that your average American can get really excited about an electric car. Or maybe it's just that people really like to be on the Price Is Right and get excited about anything they give away. Do they pump nitrous oxide into the air in the studio?

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