It's not terribly uncommon for famous people to insure a body part (or, ya know, a pair of 'em) that's necessary for them to continue moving forward with their career. For instance, we have no qualms whatsoever with Heidi Klum's policy that insures her priceless legs for $2.2 million. On the other hand, we're not so sure Michael Flatley's kickers are worth their reported $39 million policy.

Sports figures are also keen to keep their body parts in good working order; David Beckham's legs and feet are insured for the princely sum of $70 million. Apparently, we can add Formula One racing star Fernando Alonso to the aforementioned list, as his thumbs are now protected with a £9 million (nearly $14 million U.S.) policy from Ferrari F1 sponsor Santander.

Says a spokesperson for Alonso, who is currently tied with Lewis Hamilton for third place in the F1 Driver's Championship:
Alonso's thumbs are a big symbol as, apart from being essential when driving a Formula One car, they represent a sign of victory and that everything is under control and well protected.
Thumbs up, Alonso.

[Source: Telegraph | Image: Paul Gilham/Getty Images]

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