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A new all-electric vehicle from Electric Cars of Springfield (aka Ecos Motors) called the Fun is apparently ready to be taken for a spin. The Fun is Ecos' second vehicle, following in the zero-emission wake of the Lamborghini look-alike (kind of) Harbinger electric vehicle (EV) and the emphasis appears to be on letting more people experience the joy of driving an EV. While the Harbinger can hit 0-60 in five seconds and costs $89,995, the Fun is a more modest $24,995 (no word on if this if before or after the federal tax credit). If Ecos Motors can deliver on the stated top speed of 70 miles per hour and the 100-mile range between charges, then this vehicle might be, you know, fun for a few people. For $25k, though, we'd easily choose a Nissan Leaf instead.

Both of the Fun and the Harbinger use the customizable MiMod EV monitoring system from EV Instruments. MiMod EV is "an integrated system of sensors, monitoring logic and operational controls that can be customized for almost any type of electric vehicle." While the system is available for kit cars and homemade EVs, the Harbinger and the Fun are the only two vehicles we know of that come with the system installed. Thanks to Troy L. for the tip!

[Source: EV Instruments]

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