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The headline above sounds strikingly similar to something we've heard before. Picture Kevin Costner in a classic baseball movie called "Field of Dreams" and we're sure the phrase will pop into your head: "If you build it, he (they) will come." How a baseball film factors into the future of the automotive industry is uncertain, but the words of a certain Honda executive are so similar to those spoken on-screen that we're about ready to call him out for plagiarism.

Of course, Robert Bienenfeld, senior manager for Honda environment and energy strategies, was talking about plug-in electric vehicles (EVs), something entirely unrelated to America's pastime. Bienenfeld spoke at Standford University last week and said:
If you have a product that people want, others will just climb all over each other to build the infrastructure for those cars. If you have a lousy car, it's really hard to build infrastructure. We don't usually have a technology revolution based on an inferior product.
So that's how it all works. Don't worry about a charging infrastructure, just build appealing electric vehicles and everything else will fall right into place. Could it really be as simple as, "build appealing EVs"?

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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