You thought the Volkswagen Phaeton went away, did you? Oh no, Volkswagen has continued to fiddle with its range-topper in Europe, which has been snagged by spy photographers while the as-yet-unannounced third-generation was on a late-night photo shoot.
Volkswagen's chutzpah is admiriable, and the Phaeton is certainly one heck of a car, but extending its lengthy tenure of could be a refusal to admit past mistakes. It's likely that Phaeton owners tell people of the car's mechanical similarities to the Bentley Continental GT, while the uninitiated will shrug and see a Passat. AutoExpress reports that there are rumors of a diesel V10 as one of the panoply of possible engines, and all will probably be revealed in September at the Paris Motor Show.

[Source: AutoExpress]

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