Highlighting the classic conundrum of creating a bespoke luxury car from more plebeian underpinnings is a report from Automotive News that Infiniti was forced to reject the initial designs for its version of the Nissan Leaf electric car. Apparently, those first attempts, which came in from Nissan's San Diego styling studio, were too similar to the standard Leaf.

According to Ben Poore, vice president of the North American Infiniti Business Unit, though, those problems are now long gone. "I was in Japan last week and saw the final three or four designs for the car," assures Poore. "And I can tell you without a doubt that we're going to have a uniquely Infiniti product."

So, what kind of "uniquely Infiniti" changes can we expect from the upmarket electric vehicle? Surely there will be styling updates to bring the funky little hatchback more in line with the rest of the Infiniti lineup, and we'd also expect an interior that's suitably upgraded with more luxurious appointments. Also, Poore suggests that the car must have adequate acceleration and performance in order to satisfy Infiniti's more demanding clientele.

Predictably, these improvements will bring with them an increase in the Leaf's after-federal-incentive price of around $25,000. How much more, though, remains to be seen, as does the actual release date of the Infiniti-fettled Nissan Leaf.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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