For all the success that Japanese automakers have had in the U.S. market over the past thirty years, there remains one very important segment they've never really managed to break through: full-size trucks. The big pickups from Ford and General Motors have remained at the top of the sales charts for decades. While Toyota has made a minor dent in the segment with the Tundra, Nissan's Titan has just never really caught fire.

Despite that, Nissan still wants a piece of the pie. The potential profit margins and volumes continue to make this market too attractive to abandon. After a deal to share the Dodge Ram platform was abandoned during the runup to Chrysler's bankruptcy, it was decided to keep the current Titan alive for the foreseeable future.

While Nissan has not announced what direction it will take with the next Titan, we'd expect it to share a lot with the recently-introduced NV2500 commercial van. The NV2500 is built in the same Canton, Mississippi plant with the Titan and has an architecture that's more like a pickup than a traditional van, which could make it a suitable starting point. The NV chassis has already been designed for heavy duty applications, so it's possible that it could finally spawn an HD pickup as well to compete with similar models from Detroit.

Update: Back in January reported that while a new Titan is coming, it likely won't arrive unitl 2014

[Source: Straightline]

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