It probably could have been foreseen that an erupting volcano in Iceland would be an irresistible lure for Top Gear. The smell of lava in the gave James May, Jeremy Clarkson, and Richard Hammond the urge to outfit a vehicle and drive from Reykjavik to the top of the caldera. Specifically, rather, it gave them the urge to get a vehicle outfitted by Arctic Trucks to make the attempt.

The Google oneline translating team has left us a bit in the dark on this one, but aside from installing a cold water system to keep the tires cool, it doesn't appear much else was done to the truck. Any of you Icelanders out there, feel free to fill us in. And for the rest of you – and us! – at least we have one segment to look forward to in the coming season. Hat tip to Baldur!

[Source: (translated) | Image: Daniel ÖrnCC 2.0]

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