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Jeep Patriot Extreme – Click above for high-res image gallery

Were Jeep's stable an actual family, the Patriot would be the Wrangler's dweeby younger brother – you know, the one that can only pick on the drooling infant Compass. Whereas the rest of the brand is more than happy to set out on a weekend of adventure in the wild, the Patriot is a little more likely to stay at home in the safety of an air-conditioned garage and organize its Lego collection. But that doesn't necessarily mean the baby ute can't be tweaked into something awesome.

Jeep has just released a slew of new photos of the Patriot Extreme the company unveiled at this year's Easter Jeep Safari. As the story goes, Chrysler's engineers have outfitted the truck with nothing more than a slight suspension lift, a set of rock sliders and new wheels before heading off to Moab to play for the weekend. Throw in a little help from the trail-rated package, and this urban commuter becomes more than capable off-road. We approve.

[Source: Jeep via Facebook]

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