The latest musical theme for Ford workers and shareholders could be Junior Mafia's "Get Money." The Blue Oval just told its salaried employees that 2010 bonuses would average three percent. Not only does that reinstate the bonus system missing for the past two years, it rewards salaried employees the same way it rewards executives. Of course, it depends on the year's corporate and individual objectives being met, but there are few better ways to help ensure targets are delivered upon than by promising a bunch of extra credits in the form of greenbacks.

Employees aren't the only folks at the Ford cash machine: banks get a dose, with Ford revealing it will write a check for almost ten percent of its debt by next Monday, and the UAW is looking at a jackpot of more than one billion dollars by cashing out stock warrants with a nearly 50-percent profit between their purchase and sell prices.

Make no mistake, Ford still needs to keep this up for a while yet – $31.45 billion in debt remains to be paid to the banks, and $7 billion remains due to the UAW's Voluntary Employment Benefit Association (VEBA) for employee pensions and healthcare. But when you can pay things off and have enough left to spread some cream around, well, that's a good start to the year.

[Source: Detroit Free Press | Image: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty]

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