How Uplifting: Tokyo home elevates Lamborghini Countach right into living room

KRE House by Takuya Tsuchida – Click above for image gallery

Remember Holger Schubert? He's the Brentwood, California resident who won awards from Maserati and Architecture Digest magazine for his innovative garage set-up that placed his classic Ferrari 512BB in a living room-style garage. Unfortunately, his myopic neighbors put the architectural feat at risk with their disapproval of his driveway ramp. But another homeowner across the Pacific has commissioned a similar arrangement that is drawing attention.

Renowned Japanese architect Takuya Tsuchida was approached by a client to build a house on a 2,000-square-foot plot in suburban Tokyo with some very specific instructions. One, there had to be an atrium running up the middle of the house with a potted tree occupying the center. Two, there had to be a nine-car garage on premises to house the owner's car collection. And three, he had to be able to see his prized ponies from the living room.

Sounds complicated enough, but Tsuchida didn't disappoint. His solution was to fit the garage with an elevator platform that can raise one of the cars right into the living space: in this case, a Lamborghini Countach Anniversary Edition, although we can spy what looks like a Diablo GT peering through the opening as well. Sure beats the knickknacks we've got piling up in our fantasy living room. Oh, and the rest of the house looks pretty nice, too. Thanks for the tip, Pat!

[Source: What We Do Is Secret via today and tomorrow]

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