You want to know what car guys do in the Midwest? Look above. That's the Ambivalence. In another dimension, it was a mild-mannered Ford Econoline E-350 ambulance doing laps in "Northern Ohio meth-country." Car and Driver, claiming to be seeking nothing more than "a cheap diesel," took possession of it and had it wrapped by the folks at Avery Denison with graphics that closely resemble the ambulance from Cannonball Run (right).

But the story for which this lifesaver was required got quashed, so now the Ambivalence – so called to deter allegations of paramedic impersonation – is looking for something to do. C/D says plans are up in the air, but we're sure you can help them come up with something worthy. If it involves a Peterbilt, a Trans-Am, a Lamborghini and Daisy Duke – or just Daisy Dukes – we won't complain.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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