Even when McLaren makes mistakes, it makes money. Lewis Hamilton was busted putting a little a lotta extra temperature into the tires of a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG loaned to him during his stay in Melbourne for the Australian Grand Prix. The car was impounded by the Victorian State Police, Lewis paid a fine to remedy his deed and McLaren paid to get the car out.

Turns out there are so many buyers interested in owning said car that Mercedes dealers are bidding to win the car so they can re-sell it. Tips suggest the dealers will have to pay a healthy slice more than the $AUD 148,900 ($136,198 USD) MSRP, and Mercedes will donate any amount above market value to charity. The eventual retail, however, will add another premium above what the dealer paid, and it's a good guess that the dealer won't be donating that money to charity. For that extra dough, the retail buyer will get a surprise "special item" to help tell the story... and maybe justify a markup likely to be on the far side of absurd. Great tip, Andrew!

[Source: Brisbane Times]

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