Mirroring California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's dream of a "hydrogen highway," London officials have announced their plans to construct a network of hydrogen filling stations in time for the 2012 Olympic games. The H2 filling stations will service a fleet of about 150 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles-including 50 taxis, eight buses and 50 cars and vans that will be used by municipal services including Metro Police and the London Fire Brigade.

In an interview with The Times, Kit Malthouse, London's deputy mayor and chairman of the London Hydrogen Partnership, said:

We are in a chicken-and-egg situation: if we are going to bring in the vehicles, we need the fuel stations. We are putting them in on the basis that if you build it, they will come.

Deputy Mayor Malthouse went on to say that car manufacturers and the Government were focusing too much on battery-powered cars, which have only a limited range and are unsuitable for most families. Granted, Mr. Malthouse is only the deputy mayor but his view isn't very supportive of speculation that both eVito electric taxis and GM's Vauxhall Ampera police cars will be seeing service during the London Olympics. Both vehicles utilize battery packs as their primary power source.

London officials are also planning on equipping dozens of office buildings with hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity and heat. Thanks to Roy B. for the tip!

[Source: Times Online]

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