Car fires are nothing new, but when it happens to the world's cheapest car on its way to its new home, the Tata Nano tends to lose its allure.

According to our friends at IndianAutosBlog, Satish Sawant, a Mumbai-based (irony alert) insurance agent, took delivery of his $2,500 hatchback, and while being chauffeured back to his house (Sawant doesn't have a license yet), a motorcyclist overtook him and pointed to the rear of his new baby. At which point, the driving duo noticed flames coming from the rear. Says Sawant, "I have no idea what happened... The engine was behind me and I did not realize the car was on fire."

This is apparently the second incident of a Nano catching fire, which, along with a recent spate of electrical issues, has some questioning the quality of the budget runabout. Naturally, today's lesson is: You get what you pay for.

[Source: IndianAutosBlog]

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