Hulk Hogan's son, Nick Hogan, has announced that he'll be returning to competitive drifting. That's right, at one point in time Nick Hogan was a competitive professional drifter, licensed by Formula D and finishing as high as third place at a 2007 NOPI Drift event. Then he went and crashed his hyper-modded Toyota Supra (while drunk and racing) and in the process put his friend and Iraq veteran into a vegetative state. Hogan, who was a minor at the time of the crash and subsequent incarceration, served six months of an eight-month sentence and had his drivers license suspended for three years.
Hogan will be participating in the newly formed XDC (Xtreme Drifting Circuit) drift series that pits professionals against amateurs. Nick will be fielding a black, turbocharged Nissan 350Z. Also of note is that Hogan is now involved with a group called Keep It On The Track which is, "dedicated to educating Americans about the consequences of participating in illegal street races and driving without a seat belt." Hogan will use his return to drifting to promote Keep It On The Track. All we can say is "good."

[Source: Motorworldhype | Image: Jacob Andrzejczak/Getty]

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