Williams courting Volkswagen into Formula One?

Williams is intent on bringing another major automaker into Formula 1, but which will get the call? Volkswagen has toyed with the idea of entering F1 for some time. The German auto giant is one of the largest carmakers never to participate in the sport, notwithstanding Porsche and Lamborghini, which have in the past and which have since fallen under the VW umbrella. The latest reports suggest that if costs continue to drop and stability is restored, Volkswagen could field an entry – in some form or another – by 2013. Questions remain over which of its many brands and divisions VW would choose to promote through its participation, and whether it'd opt for a full-on factory team (like Ferrari, Renault or Mercedes-Benz) or instead develop and supply engines to existing teams (as Cosworth currently does).

Williams, for its part, is very interested in partnering with Volkswagen, should it join the grid in 2013. How interested? Autocar reports that could Williams could be interested in selling its F1 team wholesale to Volkswagen, much as Sauber did to BMW (Williams' old partner, which has since left the sport entirely) and Brawn has to Mercedes-Benz. Williams F1 team principals Frank Williams and Patrick Head have already offloaded part of the team to Austrian investor Toto Wolff, and Autocar quotes Williams as saying to Germany's Bild, "We are stronger with a manufacturer than as a private team."

[Source: Autocar]

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