Initially, authorities in England charged Glenn Knowles and Richard Mant with trying to defraud their insurance company. The pair of men co-own a Lamborghini, or at least they did, until Knowles misplaced it during a night of binge drinking. Prosecutors weren't buying the story that Mr. Knowles took the car and then drank until he erased his mind as a way of coping with a bad time in his personal life.

The matter went to trial, and after six days, a jury conceded that it didn't seem like fraud, ultimately acquitting the pair. It's not the first time Knowles has lost a car. He once tucked a Mercedes behind a nightclub so well that it took a deep search to find it. This time, the Lamborghini seriously cannot be found, despite having a tracking system installed. Mitigating the charges of fraud are the long history of high-end car ownership by the two men, and their ability to keep making payments. So, despite the nutty insurance claim, it didn't strike the jury that this was an attempt to bilk the company. Perhaps, even though exonerated, Mr. Knowles might do well to be sentenced to a period of walking. Then, he'll only have to worry about losing a shoe.


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