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There's no way to misunderstand Cadillac spokesman Nick Twork on this: "The Cadillac brand is best communicated as Cadillac without GM." For proof of his intent all you'll need to do is swing by a Cadillac showroom where soon you'll be unable to find any trace of the words "General Motors" or any hint of marketing strategies like Red Tag Sales. Even Cadillac employees are changing their e-mails from to

Cadillac's 2009 sales posted a slightly steeper drop than GM's overall decline, and this year the luxury brand is rebounding at about half the pace of GM overall, with a 14 percent rise vs. 31 percent for its parent. That doesn't mean we should assume that the perhaps unsavory associations with "Government Motors" is what's holding Cadillac back, but the brand doesn't want to leave anything undone in its quest to again be the best.

GM wants to move 140,000 Cadillacs this year, representing a 28 percent jump over last year's depressed figures. It's starting consumer research to figure out what buyers think of the brand, will soon reveal the first round of creative by its new ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty, and will introduce more leasing deals that luxury buyers are keen for. And neither it nor its dealers will bring up The Brand Which Must Not Be Mentioned. Hat tip to John!

[Source: Bloomberg]

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