Several news outlets are reporting that the FBI has raided the Detroit-area offices of Yazaki North America, Denso International and Tokai Rika. U.S. Justice Department spokeswoman Gina Talamona reportedly told The Detroit News that her office was investigating the suppliers for an alleged anti-competitive pricing cartel. The raid was carried out by the local FBI office in Detroit, and the Bureau is working with the European Commission and other foreign competition authorities.

Before details were made available about the substance of the raids and because the three suppliers provide parts to Toyota, there was some speculation that the raids were connected to the federal government's investigation of Toyota's recall woes, but the FBI insists that is not the case. Toyota released a short statement about the situation, saying only "Toyota is aware that certain suppliers have been contacted by government officials, but we have limited information about the scope of the investigation. Toyota has not been contacted by authorities." Toyota is part owner of Denso International.

[Source: The Detroit News, Toyota]

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