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If you're not a big fan of Olympic ice skating you probably missed the fact that U.S. skater Evan Lysacek beat out Russian favorite Evgeni Plushenko to win the gold metal at the Vancouver games. We know we missed it, but we can't pass on a chance to talk about the Aston Martin DBS.

It seems Lysacek has a fondness for fast cars and James Bond movies, and the best way to celebrate the biggest of skating wins is with an Aston. Yahoo is reporting that Lysacek will celebrate victory in the Great White North by ponying up more than $269,000 for a new DBS (the Quantum of Solace DBS starts at $305,000). The world-renown skater (in skating circles, anyway) is trading up from his Land Rover for an English GT that is more our cup of tea. Yahoo quotes Aston Martin Newport Beach in Southern California executive salesman Gary Briggs as saying "we know how much Evan likes his luxury cars, and he will enjoy taking a tour of a showroom and test driving the DBS." So would we.

As to how Lysacek intends to pay for his new Aston, we're guessing the advertising deals that come with winning gold in one of the winter game's more popular events will more than make up for the quarter million he'll need to spend to get behind the wheel of a DBS. We never really aspired to Olympic gold, but if we knew the winner got a DBS, we may have taken those childhood skiing lessons a bit more seriously. Let us know when you're ready to take us for a spin, Evan.

[Source: Yahoo Sports via Daily Derbi]

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