The infographic we found the other day showed pretty clearly that Houston has a lot of lonely drivers commuting to and from work each day. Instead of looking for a multi-faceted approach that would see more public transportation options built, the city has decided to make a big push for electric vehicles (EVs). It's a new direction for the city known as the Petro Metro.

The city went big for biodiesel a few years back but more recently signed up to be a part of the C40 Electric Vehicle Network and has partnered with Nissan to get EV infrastructure in place. In fact, Reuters says that the city wants to beat out places like San Francisco for the title of the nation's electric car capital. A new mayor Annise Parker said earlier this month:
We are the Petro Metro but we are also a car city. To have an electric vehicle that appeals to a car culture will make the real difference for market penetration.
Any Houston residents want to chime in on this? What does it look like on the ground there?

[Source: Reuters | Image: eflon - C.C. License 2.0]

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