No kiddin' - U.S.'s largest biodiesel refinery will be in Texas (Houston)

While the Midwest is ethanol production territory, biodiesel in America is a little more mobile. Sure, there are Midwest biodiesel plants, but we also find them in Texas, Louisiana, Oregon and other places. But no one is going to have a larger biodiesel refinery than Houston, Texas, where GreenHunter BioFuels has just gotten the permits it needs to build the "Country's Largest Biodiesel Refinery" (I wish we had a carnival lights font for that).
The new refinery, capable of making 105 million gallons of the biofuel a year, will be located on the site of the old Channel Refining Corporation waste oil/chemical refinery near Galena Park at the Houston Ship Channel. GreenHunter is converting this facility and will also build a methanol distillation plant on the site. GreenHunter's permit allows it to use variable feedstocks (soy bean oil, palm oil, jatropha oil and/or animal/poultry fats) from domestic or international sources. Since the "new" plant will be converted from the old one, GreenHunter expects to be producing fuel by March 2008.

[Source: GreenHunter Energy, Inc.]

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