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The Olympics aren't the only interesting and noteworthy event currently taking place in Canada. General Motors says it has shipped its fleet of 2011 Chevrolet Volt test vehicles to the cold and snowy climes of Kapuskasing, about 500 miles northwest of Toronto. Current temperature? A frigid 23-degrees Fahrenheit, or -5 Celsius.

This latest test session comes just months after The General ran its fleet of Volts through Death Valley (about 100 degrees F) and the mountains of Tennessee. Not surprising, really. After all, every new vehicle goes through a rigorous set of test cycles, and, as the first mass-production, mass-market extended-range electric vehicle ever attempted, it's of the utmost importance that GM gets this vehicle right the first time.

In addition to "hours opening and closing all hinges, including doors, trunk, glove box and interior consoles," GM's testers will surely be monitoring the performance of the Volt's engine/generator and lithium ion battery pack to be sure that all is well with the system before putting the car into the hands of paying customers.

[Source: GM FastLane]

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