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We're used to seeing Digg boosting our stories, but once in a while the popular user-voted news site generates some original content of its own. This time, a Digg correspondent got 30 minutes of camera time with Jim Lentz, who, as President and COO of Toyota Motor Sales USA, very well might be the busiest man in America right now. Lentz fielded a series of questions – mostly related to the recall – submitted by users and voted (or Dugg) into the list. But one of them had little to do with the recall at all; it had to do with sportscars.

The question was whether Toyota had any plans, after years without any real sportscar offerings in North America, to bring back the Supra or offer a new affordable sportscar. Lentz's answer, as you can see in the video segment after the jump, was enlightening. The short of it was that the Supra won't be brought back to these shores, but the FT-86 will.

From that we can surmise a few things. First of all, the final production version of the concept will not be called the Supra. Secondly, the FT-86 – or whatever it's called when it comes to market – will be considerably more affordable than the Supra was. And finally, the FT-86 will be coming to North America. So there you have it. But don't take our word for it – we've posted the pertinent excerpt after the jump, along with the full 28-minute video below it.

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Segment dealing with FT-86:

Entire Interview:

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