Piaggio MP3 Hybrid – Click above to watch the video after the break

We've been keeping tabs on the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid since we first heard that the Italian scooter giant began working on the fuel-sipper over two years ago. It's taken a while, but it appears that Piaggio has finally gone into full production of the machine in Europe.

To commemorate this fact, Piaggio has produced a new official launch video that shows the MP3 Hybrid out and about being tested on various Italian city streets. As is typical for videos featuring vehicles that are capable of operating without the gas-powered engine running, you can see the three-wheeler but you can't really hear it.

Piaggio also highlights the electrically-operated reverse gear as well as the minimal amount of fuel that the hybrid vehicle will consume. Of course, there's the typically beautiful and earthy scenes breaking it all up. See it all for yourself in the video pasted after the break.

[Source: Piaggio via YouTube]

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